Pakiri site update

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Pakiri site access.
I have posted a reply on this topic elswhere in the forum, but it should be more readily available so it is going in site news. Watch out for other site updates in the future. Also please feel free to contribute with any news that comes up.
"Hi, I attended the submissions days at the ARC and the good news is that the site that launch is on, is not affected by the ARC's proposal to sell off a part of the land they own.
The bad news is that until the submissions process is finished we do not have permission to fly there.
The reason is that following the ARC's purchase of the land the ARC did not want to enter in to any agreements on it's use until the submission process was over.
Now we have to wait on the ARC's response to the comments made on the submissions before we can enter in to any negotiations. Hope that answers your question."

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