Paraglider Windsock at Moirs

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Paraglider Windsock at Moirs

See enclosed picture. Does it look like we are  hoisting a windsock at Moirs?

Thanks to Hugo for doing the pole dance and climbing up the weather mast to release the wing.

Thanks to Brendon to fish out his hook knife which he has never used on his glider but was very   gracious with his offer  to cut few lines on my glider.

Thanks to Daron for pointing out it is a Moirs site record   since no one has managed to hoist a windsock so big at the site.  

After an excellent thermal flight on Moirs today (Wednesday) came for top landing and forgot the wing needs more space than me, resulting   in wrapping it around the weather mast.

No damage done to  the wing  and self, except for cutting few lines to release the glider.

Safe Landings.

I like the rule "Never Fly Alone".

Thanks to all the guys at site, because without their help, I would not have got the wing out in one piece.

You would agree it is a pretty picture.


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