The waypoints for the competition have be predefined and you can download the files below. You are strongly encouraged to install the waypoints into your GPS before the first day of the competition because it will save a great deal of time and confusion on the day. Please  download  a waypoint file from below, and use the instructions given below to install the waypoints in your GPS.


  1. Download the waypoint file from below and save it on your computer (depending on your browser you may have to right-click and choose "Save File As...").
  2. Turn on your GPS and delete any waypoints that you already have loaded. This helps to keep the  waypoints to a manageable number and avoids any duplication that could cause confusion.
  3. Use the software that came with your GPS to upload the waypoints. Note: if you don't have the appropriate software then download the latest version of GPSDump  which works with just about every GPS.

Once the waypoints have finished uploading to the GPS you are good to go.



UPDATED 28/10/13

The Auckland waypoint files (a WPT and a GPX version) below are NEW as of 19th February 2015

If you downloaded the waypoint file before that (the 2009 version or 2013 version) then please download this one instead.



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