Whos interested in winch launching at Druy?


We have an opportunity to recondition a winch which has been dragged out of the corner of a paddock....BUT just as important is that we have a place to use it and store it for use whenever we want, once we have rebuilt it.
This will be for any club member who is interested in doing seriously high tows from Drury ... Perfect for when its not on at Kario.... just pop to Drury and do some thermaling.
However before we spend our hard earned cash, the club needs to know 2 things
1 Who is intrested...please register your intrest. You must let us know!!
2 It woud be run on a user pays system ( to recoupe costs ) and how much do you think would be a fair amount to pay on a per launch basis.
If you want to know more about the winch or if you think you have skills that may be of use to us then call me ... Steve 021 982227 or 443 2624

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