WARNING - These files are out of date, do not use!

If you want to load airspace onto your Garmin (or other) GPS use the GPX format instead.


The file attached below has been built specifically for loading into Garmin GPS devices.

Previous versions of the Garmin Maps have been difficult to install, but they now have an installer to make it easy and painless. 

  1. Download the exe file and save it to your PC.
  2. Double-click on it and follow the prompts, this will install the maps into Garmin MapSource.
  3. Open Garmin MapSource, select all the maps you want in your map set and upload them into your GPS. For detailed instructions on this step refer to the Garmin MapSource documentation.


NZAirspace-Nov2009.exe372.95 KB
NZAirspace-Nov2010.exe372.66 KB


Vista Hassles

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Hi - thanks for the forum response that got me here. I downloaded the files but as I had not  loaded any actual Garmin MapSource Files previously, I could see the paths in the .reg file wouldn't work. I changed them to point to the MapCenter folder which had been created when I downloaded an installer from the Open Source Project, but after editing the reg file in notepad it didn't run a such. Should it?

I managed to open the reg editor and manually recreated the keys and strings by mirroring the existing MapCenter files (it worked) but there must have been an easier way...I imported the reg file into regedit but it didn't populate the '1' file with the necessary strings.... A fun half hour on a wet Friday night. For someone who's never used regedit before this would be an impossible task.

Double-click the reg file...

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You should just have to double-click on the reg file in Windows Explorer to install the registry keys. I have not tried this in Vista but on XP I get a little dialog saying something like "the keys were successfully imported." Did you get any response at all?

Reg file

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No, I got no response.

Since then I've acquired the 76, upgraded its firmware and upgraded Mapsource. The new version of MapSource didn't like the MapCenter maps and told me to reinstall them. The Airspace maps were ok.

Help Wayne!

Hi Wayne,

I've obviously screwed up the install because whenever I try to open MapSource it now comes up wth an error message stating "There is a problem with the NZ_Airspace installation. Please re-install NZ_Airspace and start MapSource again."

I've uninstalled and re-installed MapSource as well as the airspace download, but it still doesn't work.

I think the problem arose when I tried editing the registry file in Notepad. I'd unzipped the airspace files to D:\Program Files, which is where MapSource is. I then altered the registry settings to point to D:\\Program Files\\.......................... whereupon MapSource stopped working.

How do I change the registry settings back and get the maps installed properly?



Reg file issues

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I have replied in the forum...



Update for installer

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I dont know why the garmin installers became outdated.

So I've built a new installer based on the latest OpenAir format file

With a little more tweaking I could probably automate the generation of this installer file.

I'd upload directly if I could but in the mean time here's a link to the fresh installer.

Feel free to ask around other Gamin GPS users as to whether I'm on the level.


A new update

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I've made a new set of files for GPS and uploaded them to


It's not an installer per se. You unzip the zip file and put the files in the garmin folder on your GPS. The result is quite close to the colours used on the appspot site


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