Choice of Travel Insurance for Competition Flying- Canungra Cup

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Thanks to Evan for pointing me to QBE and IHI bupa for travel insurance for canungra cup. I work in Insurance Industry and like to read the fine print which is what is referred to at  claimtime, I interacted with the respective insurance providers to specifically ensure Canugra Cup participants will be covered.

Interesting thing about QBE is they cover paragliding  trips abroad provided it is for recreational flying(free flying)however if the trip overseas is for taking part in competition like cannungra cup, there will be an exclusion under "Professions Sporting Activity", just because few prizes of value are being distributed. My explanation to the underwriter that competitive flying was much more organised, safer than recreational flying fell on deaf ears.

The positive side of QBE travel cover is most pre-exisitng conditions  are covered  like diabetes Type 1-2, controlled blood pressure etc. so no need to get form completed by doctor.


IHI Bupa  on the other hand cover paragliding  for competitive events, the  flip side is if you have any pre-exisitng medical condition, like controlled BP, diabetes type 1 or 2,  they insist that a medical report in their format is  filled by your GP and given to them to ensure it is all covered.This is just a method,I presume for them  to increase the premium by adding loading, I would say.

In the absence of specific reference to paragliding in their policy wordings I got them to send an email confirming they will cover paragliding for competitive events and pleased to receive the below reply:

Dear Mr Srinivasan

We hereby have the pleasure of sending you information about the ihi Bupa Travel insurance.

Our travel insurance is the result of many years of international experience within the field of health care. It is easy and straight forward to be insured with ihi Bupa.

Our clients travel all over the world and wish to feel completely safe. We believe that our principal purpose is to provide a first-rate service in case of illness or injury – 24-hours-a-day.

ihi Bupa Travel provides 100% cover for any emergency treatment required while you are abroad.

We do cover while paragliding for competitive events.

Choose between Single Trip which will cover one single journey or the Annual Travel which will cover all your trips over

the next 12 months of up to 1 month. If you do travel for more than 1 month at any one time then extra days can easily be purchased.  Our rates are included as an attachment.

You can also add to this first class medical coverage by electing to take our non-medical or trip cancellation options.

These additional options will ensure that you are covered for unforeseen events such as the theft of baggage or personal items or if your trip is cancelled due to illness.

The attached brochure explains all of these comprehensive insurance options in more detail and provides the full terms and conditions.

The easiest way to take out this insurance is online on By doing this you will get a 5% online discount. Just click on this link, and you will go directly to our website - Here you are also able to make a quote without committing yourself to a purchase.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the insurance cover or if we can assist you in any way.

Yours sincerely

Agnieszka Olimpia Stecher | Account Manager | Travel Sales | ihi Bupa | Palaegade 8 | DK-1261 Copenhagen K | Denmark

Bupa Denmark, filial af Bupa Insurance Limited, England
T: + 45 33 15 30 99 - F: + 45 33 32 25 60
E:, web:
24-hour Emergency Service, tel: + 45 33 15 33 00, E:

In summary:

1. If I am travelling overseas with family and carrying my PG gear, than QBE should be fine for recreational flying.

2. If my trip overseas is for taking part in  worlds, canungra cup etc. I will go with IHI BUPA.










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