Food and drinks at Wings & Waves THIS Saturday!

Like every year, we invite all club members and their friends (even hangies) for some infamous Chili con Carne made by Reuben, some music and a catch up at our loft in Bayswater. We would love to see you all there, especially we since the annual social event at the Paeroas on Easter did not happen and due to not much flyable weather, we feel we have not seen much of each other. Time to catch up!

Please come by on Saturday, 11th June, from 6pm at the our loft in Bayswater! BYO drinks, we will make food. 

We have also launched a FACEBOOK page today. Please go onto the page, click "like" on the page and then VOTE for our photo competition on facebook. A GIN flying suit is to be won! In future, we will use the facebook site for flying events, info, specials, photos or anything else you tell us you want to see on there. I am  new to this, so let me know what is most interesting to you.

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