Paeroas site update

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Reminder of site rules.

Hi everyone,

Rick Hawkeswood would like to remind everyone of the correct procedure
for gaining access to the paeroas site. below is hie original email.
Please make sure you follow these rules exactly. We do not want to
loose this great site. Cheers, Xen.


A situation arose over the weekend when pilots had not phoned the
Paeroa's farmer in advance of turning up to fly the site. Please
forward this to any flying contacts you have and bring it up at you
next club meeting.

Site Notice for Paeroa Range, Rotorua.

It is imperative that the land owner ( Rens Groot ) be contacted PRIOR
TO TRAVELLING to the Paeroa Range to fly. The protocol should be to
phone him the night before ( or even 2 nights before ) Rens can usually
only be contacted in the evening. Ph 07 333 1852

If you have not contacted Rens, then don't leave home.

If this protocol is not followed the farm access gate will be found LOCKED and continued access to the site may be refused.

Also the combination lock on the half way gate must be kept locked at
all times. As soon as you pass through the gate it must be locked again


Rick Hawkeswood.

Paeroa Range

Site Monitor

Ph 07 868 6250

021 682766

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