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Looking North to Maioro

Looking North to Maioro

On the way back from the sand mine.

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South of Maioro

South of Maioro

It was time to explore a little further south from Maioro and finally see what was past the pine forest. The day was strong, fairly square and quite buoyant. The glide to the pines was easy, choosing to stay back on the higher back ridge. This ridge continues into the forest but the slope becomes a lot more gentle so care has to be taken that if one gets low they still have enough height to glide forward to the beach - about 600 - 800m in front.


Yesterday, I met Bruce Vickerman at the training hill at Pukemore. He told me that the owner of the land we drive through to get to the top take off, and the "airstrip" part, has been a bit tense about the use of his land. 

Pukemore Sign: signPukemore Sign: sign

THE GREAT SITE EXPLORER COMPETITON - Back again for this season

If you look at the site guide, you will see over 30 launch sites listed.

How many have YOU flown?

Here is you chance to seek out and explore, and let everyone else know about it.

The Site Explorer Competition is open to all pilots HG and PG and those under instruction.

All you have to do is:

  • Fly as many different launch sites from the Site Guide as you can between the 1st of September 2011 and the 1st of May 2012
  • Record the site you have flown on the Site Explorer Competition Page.


Only one flight per site counts, so you can't go crazy flying Kario, although there are a number of launch sites you can tick off at Kario in one day ;-).

The Site Explorer Leader board will show who is currently in the lead. The winner will receive a suitable prize and kudos at the end of season party.

This competition is only open to AHGPC members so you have to login first. If you can't access the competition page even after logging on contact the website admin.

So, where the bloody hell are ya?


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Paraglider Windsock at Moirs

Paraglider Windsock at Moirs

See enclosed picture. Does it look like we are  hoisting a windsock at Moirs?

Thanks to Hugo for doing the pole dance and climbing up the weather mast to release the wing.

Thanks to Brendon to fish out his hook knife which he has never used on his glider but was very   gracious with his offer  to cut few lines on my glider.

Thanks to Daron for pointing out it is a Moirs site record   since no one has managed to hoist a windsock so big at the site.  

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Jeff does it again, this time Puketutu - 64.2km


This time nearly doubling a long standing site record.

Check out the track log -

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Jeff Ripley sets a new Pukemore site record - 68.9km

Raglan Harbour At the AGM on Friday night, several of us thought that the forecast looked promising for the following day and decided Pukemore was a good option.

The morning's forecast seemed to differ a little from the previous evening, with more of an easterly wind swinging to the northeast as the day went on. Pukemore was still our target. A quick check of the site record showed Russell Read had flown 61Km on 06.02.99 - about time we updated that one, I thought.

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Airspace Project


AirspaceAirspaceEver tried wrestling with a paper map in-flight? Ever wished you had spent longer looking at that airspace map before you took off an hour ago? These little frustrations may be a thing of the past - you can now take your airspace maps with you, packaged neatly into your map capable GPS.

I have spent the last few months building software that can convert the CAA's airspace definitions into digital maps that can be loaded into your GPS. These maps are available for download from this website are are free for all to use. The maps include CTAs, GAAs and MBZs across all of New Zealand, with other airspaces planned for future releases. Only Garmin GPSs are supported at present, but other GPSs and Google Earth are also on the todo list.

These maps will help you to be aware of the airspace you are flying in and to fly legally. I have used early versions of these maps in-flight during competitions and found them very useful. They tell you not only what airspace you are in, but also the location of nearby airspace boundaries allowing you to optimise your flight path.

Read more and get your downloads from the Airspace Project pages.

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Welcome to our new-look website


As you can see the look and feel of the site has changed. Hopefully you will find it a bit more attractive and fun. The changes are far more than skin-deep however. The platform that runs the site has been changed to allow many new features, and you can expect to see some of these features appearing in the near future.
The most requested new feature is an online site guide, so look out for that over the next few weeks.

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