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Looking North to Maioro

Looking North to Maioro

On the way back from the sand mine.

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South of Maioro

South of Maioro

It was time to explore a little further south from Maioro and finally see what was past the pine forest. The day was strong, fairly square and quite buoyant. The glide to the pines was easy, choosing to stay back on the higher back ridge. This ridge continues into the forest but the slope becomes a lot more gentle so care has to be taken that if one gets low they still have enough height to glide forward to the beach - about 600 - 800m in front.


Yesterday, I met Bruce Vickerman at the training hill at Pukemore. He told me that the owner of the land we drive through to get to the top take off, and the "airstrip" part, has been a bit tense about the use of his land. 

Pukemore Sign: signPukemore Sign: sign

SGM Preliminary Result

The unofficial results are in from the AHGPC Delegate.

It is expected a summary and Official SGM Minutes will be published via reasonably promptly.

I am not personally sure which Remit (1a or 1b) was passed, however, one of them did.

  • 16 Yes
  • 11 No

The No’s were Auckland, Southern and Taranaki.

There is a minor anomaly with BOP, no vote maybe?

NZHGPA Airborn Survey - Key Results for Auckland


The following are the key questions and results for our Auckland Regional Club (AHGPC)

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PG Open Rotorua Competition Dates

The dates for the Rotorua round of the PG Open were originally published incorrectly. Please note the actual dates are 25th Feb to 3rd Mar.

Moirs Weather Station Up and Running

Well we are on a roll, 2 down 1 to go.

Direction is about right.



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Hi everyone,


due to building work at the Wings and Waves loft the AGM will now take place just up the road at 26 Beresford Road. Go back to the roundabout and straight across, it will be on your right.

Cheers, Xen.

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