What output would you like for the weather stations to read

Kilometres per hour
64% (14 votes)
36% (8 votes)
Total votes: 22
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Dills Weather Station Up and Running


Hi everyone well 1 down and 2 to go,

Over the weekend Jeff and i got the Dills weather station up and running again.

We will get moirs working again soon.


the number is 


We may need to change the angle slighty, by our count adding 20° should be about right.

sorry we could not get it any closer but time ran out and Jeff had to go fly another 20km


The auckland comp is this weekend so maybe if i could have some help before the comp starts(if we go up that way)


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Please review attached accounts.

You will be asked to approve these at the AGM.

WOF for Paragliders 2011 / 2012

With slight delays this year, we are offering free WOF times to all Auckland Club members.


WOF for paragliders

30 November and 1 Dec

Wings & Waves Loft in Bayswater


Please make an appointment asap! info@wingsandwaves.co.nz

More info on our web site http://www.wingsandwaves.co.nz/WOFs2011

It's almost AGM time!!

It's almost THAT time of the year again, when both hang glider and paraglider pilots voluntarily come together to exercise their democratic powers in the AHGPC Annual General Meeting. As always, there is the important business of voting for a new committee, ratifying the accounts and finding out who won the Duck Award.


When: 7.30pm, Wednesday 7th December


Where: the Wings & Waves loft, Sir Peter Blake Parade, Bayswater


Committee meeting - Wednesday 2 November

Tomorrow night at 7.30pm we will be having our monthly committee meeting at the CT Club in Remuera, which all members are welcome to attend.


With recent discussion around whether to continue with Airborne in its current print incarnation, it would be useful to have members put their views forward on this, and any other issues.


Pleasse let me know via email at grahamsurrey@gmail.com if you plan to attend, and any issues that you would like to have added to the agenda.


What: A

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THE GREAT SITE EXPLORER COMPETITON - Back again for this season

If you look at the site guide, you will see over 30 launch sites listed.

How many have YOU flown?

Here is you chance to seek out and explore, and let everyone else know about it.

The Site Explorer Competition is open to all pilots HG and PG and those under instruction.

All you have to do is:

  • Fly as many different launch sites from the Site Guide as you can between the 1st of September 2011 and the 1st of May 2012
  • Record the site you have flown on the Site Explorer Competition Page.


Only one flight per site counts, so you can't go crazy flying Kario, although there are a number of launch sites you can tick off at Kario in one day ;-).

The Site Explorer Leader board will show who is currently in the lead. The winner will receive a suitable prize and kudos at the end of season party.

This competition is only open to AHGPC members so you have to login first. If you can't access the competition page even after logging on contact the website admin.

So, where the bloody hell are ya?


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Moir's Weather Forecasts


Thanks to Mats Henrikson, Moir's Hill now appears on the RASP Maps and you can view an Upper Air Sounding (Skew T-LogP)

Graph. You can learn how to read one here.

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Site Explorer Competition - we have a winner

Now that the summer flying season has well and truly come to an end, it is time to close the Site Explorer competition and announce the winner.

And if you hadn't guessed it, the winner is -

Jeff Ripley

Tied for a (distant) second place are Brett Disley and Wayne Rohrs.

The lavish prize that Jeff will be awarded has not been determined yet, but it will most likely be the honour of fixing some of our weather stations.

Read more for the full results...

Mid-winter club social event.


Hi all,


At last month's club committee meeting the idea of holding a mid-winter get-together at a buffet restaurant, such as Valentine's was mooted. I've created a poll to gauge the level of support for this idea amongst members before any further organising is undertaken, so please take the time to vote.


If you have any alternative ideas for a club social activity then please feel free to post a comment with your suggestion as well.




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