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Auckland/Waikato league 2 on 7/03 POSTPONED


Yes, due to a bit of inclement weather the organisers have decided to postponed the league to the reserve dates of 28-29/03/09.

Watch for a further post on Thursday 26/03 for the latest update on what will be happening for the weekend. Hopefully the weather gods will smile on us long enough to get a few tasks in......

Keep praying,


Para-car test flown successfully, Commercial production planned.


A small firm in the UK have built and successfully test flown the a prototype para-car. Capable of being driven on road like a standard car (closer to a buggy really), and flown like a powered trike, the "SkyCar" is intended for eventual commercial production.

What better way to get to flying sites, and do retreives!.

Parajet home page

BBC Coverage

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Day one of Auckland comp.


Competitors lining up for the start gateCompetitors lining up for the start gateWell day one we had to do a lot of traveling to find the best takeoff for the wind direction.

But we managed to get in one short downwind leg and one into goal.

Check out the you tube footage of the day.

Auckland/Waikato league competition is on 21/22 Feb

The weather isn't much better but there is a chance of getting a task in so we will go ahead. Site for saturday is undecided so watch this space or call me friday night for the meeting place. 021407833 or 094780063

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Auckland/Waikato Paragliding Comp1 POSTPONED to reserve dates

The Auckland/Waikato Paragliding Competitions are just around the corner. The first one is on 14 & 15 Feb and the second on 7 & 8 Mar. Check out the Competitions pages for details and registration information.

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Jeff, Reuben, Evan and Harmony Go to the Worlds


Jeff, Reuben, Evan and Harmony have gone to the paragliding worlds in Mexico.If any one wants to follow there pogress then you can find out more information at             http://www.pwmex2009.com             We wish them all the best,

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Wairarapa league.

Hi all you eager XC flyers,

I am thinking of going down for the Wairarapa Open Distance league. www.wairarapacomp.homestead.com
Probably leaving Thursday pm and coming back Tuesday.

If anyone is interested in coming along and sharing the travel costs let me know. 021545534.



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Paraglider Windsock at Moirs

Paraglider Windsock at Moirs

See enclosed picture. Does it look like we are  hoisting a windsock at Moirs?

Thanks to Hugo for doing the pole dance and climbing up the weather mast to release the wing.

Thanks to Brendon to fish out his hook knife which he has never used on his glider but was very   gracious with his offer  to cut few lines on my glider.

Thanks to Daron for pointing out it is a Moirs site record   since no one has managed to hoist a windsock so big at the site.  

Membership renewals

Hi All,

The NZHGPA Administrator has informed me that a number of Auckland club pilots have not renewed for 2009.

If you are one of these pilots and in the Xmas rush you have forgoten to renew, please contact Barbara Rooke on nzhgpa.admins@clear.net.nz  and arrange to renew as soon as possible. If your membership has lapsed, you are not legaly allowed to fly in new Zealand and you are not covered by any NZHGPA liability insurance.

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Donation to Westpac Resuce Helicopter Trust

We have been asked for a donation to this useful organisation. Last year we donated $750, and as they are facing a funding shortfall have requested if we can provide the same again. We are interested in our membership opinion so please give some feedback. I  personally make an annual donation and I am sure other members do also. This means my donation is tax deductable. Unfortunately our club donation is not, but it remains a worthwhile cause. We have had a number of members use this facility over the years.  



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