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Easter at the Paeroas, UPDATE.

Keep praying to those weather gods because so far, it seems to be working. It looks like we have reasonable weather pattern that will allow us to fly SOMEWHERE this Easter holiday!
On that happy note I'd like to mention a number of things that will help everyone have a good time.
Camping: If you are camping at the Squash club grounds what I said before still applies but also:

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Easter at the Paeroas!! April 10 - 14th.

Yes, it is time once again for the annual pilgrimage to the Paeraos for another fabulous flying fest.


We will follow the same program as last year with a fun comp over the four days and a bbq on the Saturday night. BBQ is free for club members (BYO drinks) and $5.00 for non members. If you know any non members that want to join in ask them to see me by Friday night.

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Dills Pix - 22/3


Took a few pix whilst I was Para-waiting yesterday.

Dills Pix - 22/3Dills Pix - 22/3

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A dressing down at Duders

Flew at Duders today in a E, going SE wind. Met up with the ranger who advised me that Duders is being top-dressed in the next few weeks during week days and any pilots are advised to contact him to see if the topdressing plane will be active.


His contact details are : 021 676 300 - Paul Wilson.


Attached a couple of pix....and yes that is a low level plane flying directly underneath one of us soaring. He snapped a couple of pix through his cabin canopy as he went past !

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Auckland/Waikato league 2 on 7/03 POSTPONED


Yes, due to a bit of inclement weather the organisers have decided to postponed the league to the reserve dates of 28-29/03/09.

Watch for a further post on Thursday 26/03 for the latest update on what will be happening for the weekend. Hopefully the weather gods will smile on us long enough to get a few tasks in......

Keep praying,


Para-car test flown successfully, Commercial production planned.


A small firm in the UK have built and successfully test flown the a prototype para-car. Capable of being driven on road like a standard car (closer to a buggy really), and flown like a powered trike, the "SkyCar" is intended for eventual commercial production.

What better way to get to flying sites, and do retreives!.

Parajet home page

BBC Coverage

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Day one of Auckland comp.


Competitors lining up for the start gateCompetitors lining up for the start gateWell day one we had to do a lot of traveling to find the best takeoff for the wind direction.

But we managed to get in one short downwind leg and one into goal.

Check out the you tube footage of the day.

Auckland/Waikato league competition is on 21/22 Feb

The weather isn't much better but there is a chance of getting a task in so we will go ahead. Site for saturday is undecided so watch this space or call me friday night for the meeting place. 021407833 or 094780063

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Auckland/Waikato Paragliding Comp1 POSTPONED to reserve dates

The Auckland/Waikato Paragliding Competitions are just around the corner. The first one is on 14 & 15 Feb and the second on 7 & 8 Mar. Check out the Competitions pages for details and registration information.

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Jeff, Reuben, Evan and Harmony Go to the Worlds


Jeff, Reuben, Evan and Harmony have gone to the paragliding worlds in Mexico.If any one wants to follow there pogress then you can find out more information at             http://www.pwmex2009.com             We wish them all the best,

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