WOF for Paragliders

Beginning of the season is the ideal time to check your equipment thoroughly. Quite a few pilots have completed their WOF already, but a few are still due to do so.
Please contact Reuben asap, Club Safety Officer, to arrange for a time to do your WOF check before within the next 2 weeks. Checks are free of charge if you do your bit.
Annual WOFs are a requirement by the NZHGPA and CAA.
Please phone Reuben or Eva on 09-446-0020 or 0274-727 013 or info@wingsandwaves.co.nz

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October Committee meeting

October Committee meeting minutes.
Present: Xen, Leslie, John, Brendon . Paddy sends his apologies.
Brendon to contact Carlos regarding the breakdown of membership figures.
Xen to organise mailout to poll members regarding their preffered method of notification as per the amended constitution.
Brendon to contact Carlos regarding our response to the Westpac donation.
AGM to be set for the 21/11/07. Xen to include in the letter regarding notification of members.

Kariotahi Track Maintenance - POSTPONED


Due to a bereavement, the planned track maintenance has been postponed. We will post another update once another date has been decided.

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N.S. candidates opposing Whenuapai airport


A commercial airport at Whenuapai could ruin Moirs and other sites.
North shore residents can help with their vote. Refer below
Dear WAAG member
This is the second of the Election newsletters and will deal with North Shore City Council candidates. We will be sending out the newsletter for Community Boards in the next day or so.

September Comittee Meeting Minutes

Present: Xen, Leslie, Paddy, John, Brendon


  • Amendments to the club constitution passed at the AGM have been made
  • Members are to be polled for their preferred notification method as per the amended constitution
  • A working bee for the Kario track is to be organised
  • A tow committee is to be formed to plan the potential restoration and operation of a winch at Dury
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1st fly in new glider

Finally, after over a year waiting, I got to fly my new hang glider!

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Committee meeting for 19/09/07

Committee meeting postponed
The committee meetting to be held on the 19/09/07 has been postponed until the 26/09/07. Can all members confirm that they can attend on this date.

W&W Start of Season Party


Wings & Waves Start of Season Party
Friday, 14 September, 4pm onwards
at our loft in Bayswater.
It seems we confused people with the time we set for our W&W party
We said from 4pm because a bunch of people were keen to come in early to sort out some gear and gliders etc. Really, we were thinking of an evening event with an earlyish start, with quite a bit of food, drinks (absolutely in moderation, as always...), music, great pictures, good company etc.

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Pukemore is closed !!!

Lambing season has started.
We were at Pukemore today having an unsuccesful attempt at flying (although it did look good at first), and we were told that the site is closed from today until the end of October for lambing. There will be ewes and lambs at the "airstrip" and the owner does not want vehicles going past.
Unless.... you are prepared to WALK up to the main hill. The owner is okay with that, but as always, check at the farm house first and make sure you get the okay before you go anywhere.
We will post an update when lambing is over.

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