November Meeting Minutes

Please Find attached meeting minutes.




  This year's AGM will be held on 18 December 2013 on the summit of North Head with the BBQ starting at 1800. We'll kick the meeting off at 2000 with the evening concluding at 2130. Pedestrian gates are locked at 2200.

 Best parking is on the street. Parking is available on North Head however the gates will be locked as normal at 2000 and unlocked at 2130 for us to remove our cars. The gates will be locked between 2000 and 2130 so feel free to park at the top if you don't mind staying until the end. 



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Site Explorer Competition

This year's Site Explorer competition was a hard fought and close battle. The winner is Jeff Ripley (19) (no surprises there) just beating Tony Seaman (18). Notable mentions to Lisa Tobler (14) and Graham "El Presidente" Surrey (10).

The Competition leader board has been reset for the new season, so jump in and start logging flights. Rules are on the Competitions page.


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Evan pulls out 50.7km from Moirs

Congratulations Evan, looks like a new PG record from Moirs. Fantastic flight.

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New Airspace Project Website

The Airspace project now has a new home - a website of it's own and and a lot of new functionality. You can now browse the airspace online, filter out items that you don't need, and download in the format you require.
You can find it at
The site will work on most modern browsers and even smart phones. It is not really designed for use in flight, but you can use it to refresh your memory on takeoff.

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HG WOF session this Wed. (23rd) at 26 Angle St., Penrose after work

(HG Safety Officer) Michell is holding a HG WOF (and BBQ) at his workshop over at 26 Angle Street, Penrose, this coming Wednesday October 23rd from about 5-ish onwards (after work). He'll fire up the BBQ around 6:00, so bring something for the BBQ and something to drink, and make it a bit of a social event. Michell's mobile number is 022 122 1649.

September Committee Meeting Minutes

Minutes are attached.



WOF 2013 / 2014

We are running a FREE Auckland Club WOF night with BBQ and drinks on 9 October 2013, at Vauxhall school, Devonport. Please check the details - and book in! - on our website.

:-) Eva at Wings & Waves

021 727 013

August Committee Meeting Minutes

Please have a read to see how the committee has decided to vote on each remit at the AGM.



NZHGPA 2013 AGM Agenda

Attached is the agneda for the 2013 association AGM that was emailed to all association members. Please have a read of this and of the committee meeting minutes to see how the committee has decided to vote on each remit.



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