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Update on Maunga Authority hearing

Yesterday afternoon myself, Eva Keim & Tony Seaman attended the public hearing for the Maunga Authority's proposed Integrated Management Plan to present the Club's submission in person.

WOF 2015 / 2016





It's that time of the year again!


27 October, 4.30pm

Belmont Intermediate School


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Site Explorer Competition Winner

The Site Explorer competition has been completed for another year. We are pleased to announce that the winner is...

Alexey Kryssov


Alexey has beaten out long-term holder Jeff Ripley with an outstanding 20 sites recorded. Alexey's prize is the warm glow of satisfaction and a smug look that he can wear on his face for the rest of the season.


Well done Alexey

New online weather station at Dill's Hill


Yesterday the old windtalker at Dill's Hill, which hasn't been operational for a while, was taken down and replaced by a brand new Holfuy online weather station, to join the two that we already have operating at Moir's Hill and Maori Bay.


The Dill's station includes a humidity sensor that allows cloudbase height to be automatically calculated, so this can also be used as a proxy for cloudbase at Moir's Hill.


Muriwai weather station now online


A new online Holfuy weather station has now been installed on the southern point at Maori Bay (where the windsock is located).

A big thanks to Stefan Sebregts for supplying the metal pole and fabricating the brackets and also to Tony Seaman and Andy Spierer for helping me to install it in 40 km/hr winds!

Live data from the station can be accessed here:

PG WOF tomorrow

Don't forget: WOF night tomorrow, Tuesday 14 October, 4.30pm at the Bayswater primary school hall. 

Remembering Martin Johnson

Sadly, we announce the passing of our friend and long time pilot, Martin Johnson - on 19 August 2014.
Martin started flying as one of my early students, way back in the early 90’s, and has been a constant flying companion and friend to a bunch of us since then.
He was a good spirited and humorous buddy to share the pleasures of flight with and always enjoyed company and a day out on the hill.
Martin was the embodiment of a careful and safe pilot, and is famous for having flown very regularly for over 20 years

Annual PG WOF

This is the annual FREE Auckland Hang Gliding and Paraglding Club’s WOF evening, run by club safety officer Reuben Muir of Wings & Waves.

Tuesday, 14th of OCTOBER

4.30 to 6.30pm

at the hall of the Bayswater Primary school, top of Bayswater Avenue. 


The club will do a sausage sizzle at the same time. 


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Site Explorer Competition

The Site Explorer Competition has finished for another year. This year was a hard-fought battle that went right to the last few days. Don Smith emerged the victor with an impressive 12 sites, narrowly beating out Johnny Hopper and kiwisurferboy on 11.


Should the weather be nice enough for us to fly, we thought we should kick of the new season with a BBQ at the car park at Maioro. All welcome. BYO. I will leave a note on our Facebook page to let you know whether we are going ahead or not. We hope to catch up with all those who we haven't seen over winter!
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