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PG Open 2013



The 2013 PGOpen will be held at:

Treble Cone, Wanaka, New Zealand

February 1st - February 9th 2013


Organized by:

Southern Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club
Competition Organiser - Derek Divers


The new website is up and running, and accepting registrations.
For more info go to

2012 NZHGPA AGM & EEM – The Queenstown Causality

Hello Auckland Members


The new 2012/13 NZHGPA Executive

PG Instructor and Tandem Seminar 28. September

We are running a PG instructor and tandem seminar on Friday, 28 September, at our place in Bayswater. 26 Beresford Street.

Apparently, there are all new CAA requirements for instructor ratings, a new form and a new process to obtain such rating. Still, there is nothing on the NZHGPA website or the current forms as per today. Hence, we will run a low key seminar just to avoid any more confusing. To catch up with the experienced instructors once in a while to discuss what's new around the world is fund and makes sense to us either way.

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Canadian Champs 2012 Task 5


Kris: "Just finished final day at Canadian PG competition. Had a four hour 15 min flight! Matty Senior and Evan Lamberton both in goal. Final day of the Canadian PG comp. Another "cats cradle" task, with a lot of pilots going down at the second turn point. Prize giving dinner kicked off at about 9pm and the winners of the comp announced at 11:30pm. "Pemberton Time" ruled until the end!! Denis Cortella won with Matt Senior coming second, Evan Lamberton came 6th.

Final Results


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Canadian Champs 2012 Task 4


Kris: "Five Kiwis in goal for task 4! Matty Senior (3rd), Evan Lamberton (4th), Robbo, Robinson (22nd), Xen Zambas (26th) and Nick Stead (29th). Was a VERY slow start with a 3:15pm start for an elapsed time race with few thermals and lots of haze from forest fires, but the day improved into the evening. Land-by time was 7:30pm, and Rodger Kerr had to spiral down at that time!"

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Canadian Champs 2012 Task 3


After two days of no competition flying they are back into it.

Kris: "Matty Senior first in Task 3 and Evan third. (Issues with AirScore for Evan's flight for NZ comp - needs to be "fixed"). Was a great day's flying, which everyone enjoyed. Today (Friday) is looking good too, but a bit of smoke around that may slow things down a bit."

Current Results

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Canadian Champs 2012 Sad News


A U.S. Pilot has died after landing in a river. Here's a News report from The Vancouver Sun.

As a sign of respect and retrospect there was no competition flying today (Tuesday, Canada).

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Canadian Champs 2012 Task 2


Kris: Task two of the Canadian Nats. A slightly earlier start at 1:45 because of the risk of thunderstorms.... Evan and Matty in goal, with Nick and Robbo "just short"... Task results to follow.

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Canadian Champs 2012 Task 1


5 August 2012


Task 1 Stopped.

Still waiting for Kris to post something but here's the story of Task 1 from Nicole McLearn.

Sounds like nothing too bad and hopefully our guys are all OK.

If you want you can click on this link for the photos.

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Canadian Champs 2012


4 August 2012

Registration Day

Kris Ericksen reporting from British Columbia.

At registration for the PG comp — with Janice L, Evan Lamberton, Nick Stead, Xen Zambas, Shelaine Zambas, Robbo Robinson and Rodger Kerr at The Meadows at Pemberton.



Mt Currie, BC

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