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Canadian Champs 2012


3 August 2012 Practice Day 2


A very warm stable day - so not much distance achieved....



Shiloh Works Hostel where we are staying - 20 min out of Pemberton





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Canadian Champs 2012


2 August 2012



Launch site at Pemberton



With Rodger Kerr and Nick Stead at Pemberton BC.



Entrance to launch site — at Pemberton BC.

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Canadian Champs 2012


Kris Ericksen reports from British Columbia, Canada.

1 August 2012

Electircity pylons and lumber - must be in BC!



Metro system to the airport



Driving into Vancouver from airport - on our way to Pemberton

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PG Open Rotorua Competition Dates

The dates for the Rotorua round of the PG Open were originally published incorrectly. Please note the actual dates are 25th Feb to 3rd Mar.

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Hi everyone,


due to building work at the Wings and Waves loft the AGM will now take place just up the road at 26 Beresford Road. Go back to the roundabout and straight across, it will be on your right.

Cheers, Xen.

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Dills Weather Station Up and Running


Hi everyone well 1 down and 2 to go,

Over the weekend Jeff and i got the Dills weather station up and running again.

We will get moirs working again soon.


the number is 


We may need to change the angle slighty, by our count adding 20° should be about right.

sorry we could not get it any closer but time ran out and Jeff had to go fly another 20km


The auckland comp is this weekend so maybe if i could have some help before the comp starts(if we go up that way)


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THE GREAT SITE EXPLORER COMPETITON - Back again for this season

If you look at the site guide, you will see over 30 launch sites listed.

How many have YOU flown?

Here is you chance to seek out and explore, and let everyone else know about it.

The Site Explorer Competition is open to all pilots HG and PG and those under instruction.

All you have to do is:

  • Fly as many different launch sites from the Site Guide as you can between the 1st of September 2011 and the 1st of May 2012
  • Record the site you have flown on the Site Explorer Competition Page.


Only one flight per site counts, so you can't go crazy flying Kario, although there are a number of launch sites you can tick off at Kario in one day ;-).

The Site Explorer Leader board will show who is currently in the lead. The winner will receive a suitable prize and kudos at the end of season party.

This competition is only open to AHGPC members so you have to login first. If you can't access the competition page even after logging on contact the website admin.

So, where the bloody hell are ya?


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Moir's Weather Forecasts


Thanks to Mats Henrikson, Moir's Hill now appears on the RASP Maps and you can view an Upper Air Sounding (Skew T-LogP)

Graph. You can learn how to read one here.

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Site Explorer Competition - we have a winner

Now that the summer flying season has well and truly come to an end, it is time to close the Site Explorer competition and announce the winner.

And if you hadn't guessed it, the winner is -

Jeff Ripley

Tied for a (distant) second place are Brett Disley and Wayne Rohrs.

The lavish prize that Jeff will be awarded has not been determined yet, but it will most likely be the honour of fixing some of our weather stations.

Read more for the full results...

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