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For those Club Members who misssed seeing the PG Open Results...




For those Club Members who did not follow all the other places these Rotorua PG Open results were discussed, have a look at the website.






Great stuff Evan for winning and collecting the lofty Title of 'New Zealand Mens Champion'.


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PG Open Rotorua Competition Dates

The dates for the Rotorua round of the PG Open were originally published incorrectly. Please note the actual dates are 25th Feb to 3rd Mar.

WOF for Paragliders 2011 / 2012

With slight delays this year, we are offering free WOF times to all Auckland Club members.


WOF for paragliders

30 November and 1 Dec

Wings & Waves Loft in Bayswater


Please make an appointment asap! info@wingsandwaves.co.nz

More info on our web site http://www.wingsandwaves.co.nz/WOFs2011

Food and drinks at Wings & Waves THIS Saturday!

Like every year, we invite all club members and their friends (even hangies) for some infamous Chili con Carne made by Reuben, some music and a catch up at our loft in Bayswater. We would love to see you all there, especially we since the annual social event at the Paeroas on Easter did not happen and due to not much flyable weather, we feel we have not seen much of each other. Time to catch up!

Please come by on Saturday, 11th June, from 6pm at the our loft in Bayswater! BYO drinks, we will make food. 

Banff Mountain Film Festival 2011 comes to Auckland


Now that the wintry weather is making its presence felt and thwarting our ability to get out and go flying, it's a great time of year to kick back and live vicariously through other outdoor adventurers' triumphs (or near-fatal errors as the case may be).

The Banff Mountain Film Festival makes its way back to Auckland for 2011 with a massive line-up of adventure sports films from around the world, this year spread over two nights at SkyCity Theatre (Tuesday May 24 and Wednesday June 1).

Paramotor Fly-in

PPG near NationalparkPPG near Nationalpark

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Canungra Photo and Video


Paragliding WOF

Paragliding WOFs!

Most PG pilots' WOFs are due next month. Like every years, we propose free WOFs at the Wings & Waves loft.



Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th October

10am - 7pm

Wings & Waves Loft, 4 Sir Peter Blake Pde, Bayswater

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Start of Season BBQ



Start of Season drinks and food at Wings & Waves 

Friday 24th September, 6ish 

at the Wings & Waves Loft in Bayswater


Don't let this wee bit of wind put you off! This REALLY IS the start of the season.

Wings and Waves are putting on their start of season party and are inviting all club members to attend.

All the usual suspects will be there. catch up on all the things you haven't done over the winter and the epic flights you have planned for the season!



PGOpen next season.


The cut-off date for any bids to run a NZOpen in the next season is 21 June. Following the huge success of the Rotorua PGOpen last season I am keen to preserve our reputation by avoiding running it again this coming season. The only bid for a NZ based PGopen at present is from Wanaka. Mark hardman will be organising another Wanaka Festival at the beginning of January 2011.

The rules allow for one of the NZOpen comps to be held in Australia and several pilots are keen for that to be at Canungra.

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