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Special General Meeting and winter get-together. 7.30pm, CT Club, Greenlane.

Hi everyone,

A Special General Meeting is to be held on the 3rd Wednesday of June (18th) at the Commercial Travellers’ Club, Greenlane.

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AHGPC Accounts 2007

Please review attached account as members will be asked to ratify these at the Special General Meeting on 18th June 2008

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Site Gude Now Online

Site Guide MapSite Guide Map

The new online site guide is now available.

You will find it in the navigation menus or here, but you will have to login first!

Have a browse around and try out the special site guide search feature. If you want to take a copy with you there is a link to a printer friendly version at the bottom of each page.

Anyone can add comments to the site guide page, the link is at the botton of the page. So if you find any errors or omissions, please add a comment so we all know about it. If you have any photos or noteable flights share those too.

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Paragliding Comp Commmittee

The Paragliding Competition Committee is a sub committee of the NZHGPA and has responsibility for coordinating the paragliding competitions throughout the year. They provide support to the organisers, revise the rules as required, do a bit of laising with the FAI regarding comps, oversee selection of the national team....
and generally discuss comp stuff.

The Paragliding Competition Committee is normally elected at the National Championships by the pilots there. It also can be appointed by the NZHGPA executive.

However this year, the election was not held at the champs, so we now have the situation of appointing a committee.

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AGM news.

Report on AGM.

Thank you to all who came to the AGM on the 22nd of this month. I hope you agree that it has been a busy year for the committee, and I'd like to thank all the committee members for their hard work. It certainly is a labour of love, so if you see any of them out there give them a pat on the back. (Cold refreshments are also accepted!)

WOF for Paragliders

Beginning of the season is the ideal time to check your equipment thoroughly. Quite a few pilots have completed their WOF already, but a few are still due to do so.
Please contact Reuben asap, Club Safety Officer, to arrange for a time to do your WOF check before within the next 2 weeks. Checks are free of charge if you do your bit.
Annual WOFs are a requirement by the NZHGPA and CAA.
Please phone Reuben or Eva on 09-446-0020 or 0274-727 013 or

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October Committee meeting

October Committee meeting minutes.
Present: Xen, Leslie, John, Brendon . Paddy sends his apologies.
Brendon to contact Carlos regarding the breakdown of membership figures.
Xen to organise mailout to poll members regarding their preffered method of notification as per the amended constitution.
Brendon to contact Carlos regarding our response to the Westpac donation.
AGM to be set for the 21/11/07. Xen to include in the letter regarding notification of members.

September Comittee Meeting Minutes

Present: Xen, Leslie, Paddy, John, Brendon


  • Amendments to the club constitution passed at the AGM have been made
  • Members are to be polled for their preferred notification method as per the amended constitution
  • A working bee for the Kario track is to be organised
  • A tow committee is to be formed to plan the potential restoration and operation of a winch at Dury
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Committee meeting for 19/09/07

Committee meeting postponed
The committee meetting to be held on the 19/09/07 has been postponed until the 26/09/07. Can all members confirm that they can attend on this date.

Special General Meeting

A Special General Meeting of the AHGPC was held to ratify the accounts and vote on a remit to change our constitution on 18 July 2007 at the Commercial Travellers Club, Greenlane.

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