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Notices specifically relating to site access and rules, eg closures for lambing.

Karioitahi Pest Control Operations: 1st Jan - 31st Dec 2017

The Awhitu Peninsula Landcare Group will be undertaking a pest control programme from 1st January - 31 Dec 2017 that will involve laying cyanide baits along the whole of the West Coast cliff areas from Karioitahi Beach to the Manukau Heads Lighthouse. The area where the poison will be laid will be restricted to a strip of around 30m along the cliff edge. No poison will be laid on the beach or where easy access can be reached to the cliff edge.

Dills is still closed for lambing !!

Site Monitor has advised Dills is still closed past the usual opening of 1st of October. Should only be a week or two. Please check the guide for updates or check with the site monitor.

Thank you for respecting the wishes of the farm operator at one of our nicest Auckland sites.

Cyanide poison to be laid at Kario from August

The club has recently received notice of a possum control programme that will be operational along the Awhitu Peninsula from August 2015 until July 2016, and which will involve the use of cyanide baits.

This is unlikely to have any impact on our activities but needless to say, don't go messing with any of the small paper bags containing the bait if you see them along the cliff edge (they'll be clearly marked with a skull and crossbones and a warning that they contain cyanide).

There's some further information provided in the attached document that was sent to the club.

New online weather station at Kario

I'm happy to advise that a new Holfuy weather station is now operational at Kario. The link to access the data is:

Big thanks to Rodger Kerr, Di Cornell & Stoney Burke for assistance with disassembling the old station and installing the new one.

Hopefully it'll help with assessing those tricky weather conditions over winter.

Happy flying!

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Duders site news

HG pilots have 4WD access to the Duder north-facing takeoff site again. I have made contact with Paul, the site ranger at the Duder ARC Park. He is sympathetic to HG and is very helpful. His mobile phone number is 021-676-300. The land-line to the office is 536 6007. I find his mobile phone is a better way to reach him. Paul mentioned that hang gliding is one of the approved activities listed in the records pertaining to the use of the Duder park. Paul is on our side, so let’s make sure we can keep him there.

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This in from Rick hawkswood..


Further to my notice on August 18, this is a reminder that the ENTIRE Kaimai Site situated at the end of Barton road ( known as the Kaimais ) is still closed until further notice.

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The Kaimais is in the process of an ownership change.

A new farm manager has been appointed and negotiations for continued site access have begun.


The new farm manager has indicated that as of September 1st 2009 through to mid October ( or beyond ), the ENTIRE KAIMAI SITE will be closed to public access for lambing. This means no vehicular or pedestrian foot traffic will be allowed from September 1st until further notice.

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Site Gude Now Online

Site Guide MapSite Guide Map

The new online site guide is now available.

You will find it in the navigation menus or here, but you will have to login first!

Have a browse around and try out the special site guide search feature. If you want to take a copy with you there is a link to a printer friendly version at the bottom of each page.

Anyone can add comments to the site guide page, the link is at the botton of the page. So if you find any errors or omissions, please add a comment so we all know about it. If you have any photos or noteable flights share those too.

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Waikato Site use

Copied from a recent mailout from Rick. If you are a user of Waikato
sites AT ALL please read the below and familiarise yoruself with site
rules. Losing any site due to the selfishness of any individual will be
a very sad day.

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Paeroas site update

Reminder of site rules.

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