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Notices specifically relating to site access and rules, eg closures for lambing.
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Paeroas weather station online

Copied from the NZHGPA Forum :

the Paeroa's weather station is now operational


merry Xmas and good air.


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Pukemore is closed !!!

Lambing season has started.
We were at Pukemore today having an unsuccesful attempt at flying (although it did look good at first), and we were told that the site is closed from today until the end of October for lambing. There will be ewes and lambs at the "airstrip" and the owner does not want vehicles going past.
Unless.... you are prepared to WALK up to the main hill. The owner is okay with that, but as always, check at the farm house first and make sure you get the okay before you go anywhere.
We will post an update when lambing is over.

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Dills Hill is closed!!

It's lambing time...
Dills is closed until Monday 12 September due to lambing. Please give ewes and lambs a wide birth (no pun intended) after this date as there may be some late arrivals.
Many thanks to Mark Neville, site monitor for the update.

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Paeroas is closed!!

I just got this from Rick from the Waikato club. Please read and abide by what it says. If anyone has any further to add please let everyone know via this topic.
A long story short.
Recently the flying community has fallen out of favour with the Managers of the access road up to the Paeroa Range in the Rotorua area. The gate has been permanently locked preventing any access. I am currently negotiating a return of our continued access, via the road which they maintain.

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Pakiri site update

Pakiri site access.
I have posted a reply on this topic elswhere in the forum, but it should be more readily available so it is going in site news. Watch out for other site updates in the future. Also please feel free to contribute with any news that comes up.
"Hi, I attended the submissions days at the ARC and the good news is that the site that launch is on, is not affected by the ARC's proposal to sell off a part of the land they own.
The bad news is that until the submissions process is finished we do not have permission to fly there.

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