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PG WOF night - thanks to everyone

The WOF night was a great success, more than 70 gliders, 80 sausages. Some pics and details are on Facebook.

Black Squirrels* and Mosquitoes


A contingent of Kiwis descend upon Pemberton, British Columbia, to take part in the Canadian Paragliding Nationals at the beginning of August. Xen Zambas and Kris Ericksen report from the Pacific Ranges on their adventures with Shelaine Xambas, Janice and Evan Lamberton, Robbo Robinson, Rodger Kerr, Nick Francis-Stead, Matt Senior and Don Smith.

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Cloudbase Google+ Community


The Club's Twitter feed is having some reliability issues so I've been looking for an alternative that will work better. Luckily Google have just released Google+ Communities which is just the right fit for our needs. So I have created a Community called Cloudbase Flying

This community is for all Paraglider and Hang Glider pilots in the Auckland region to plan flying trips. Let everyone know which sites you think will be working, organise car pooling and give a report when you get to the site. You can post your comments and recieve notifications via the web, email, smartphone or txt. Get in to the Google account settings to change your notification settings to make it work the way you need.

I will keep the current Twitter service running for a little while, but if the new community works OK I will eventually shut down the Twitter feed.

Spread the word because the more users we have the better it will work.


WOF at Vauxhall School, Devo

Just to confirm: WOFs tomorrow, Tuesday 30 October, from 4pm, are at Vauxhall school in Devonport. Morrison Ave, near Narrow Neck and Fort Takapuna, off Vauxhall Road. We are using the new school hall should the weather not play ball. 

Afterwards, the Club is putting on a sausage sizzle, so that we can all catch up after far too little flying recently. BYO drinks.

See you there!


:-) Eva

021 727 013

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HG Flights


Hang Gliding Site Records and Others


Bridges -   Ian Clarke, 1994, 142.6km. Carried out during a drought and stood as NZ record for way too long.

WOF for Paragliders 2011 / 2012

With slight delays this year, we are offering free WOF times to all Auckland Club members.


WOF for paragliders

30 November and 1 Dec

Wings & Waves Loft in Bayswater


Please make an appointment asap!

More info on our web site

Food and drinks at Wings & Waves THIS Saturday!

Like every year, we invite all club members and their friends (even hangies) for some infamous Chili con Carne made by Reuben, some music and a catch up at our loft in Bayswater. We would love to see you all there, especially we since the annual social event at the Paeroas on Easter did not happen and due to not much flyable weather, we feel we have not seen much of each other. Time to catch up!

Please come by on Saturday, 11th June, from 6pm at the our loft in Bayswater! BYO drinks, we will make food. 

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Ozone Delta clip



15000:1 glide ! ! ! hahahaha

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Nelson PG/Kiting accident?



Maybe NZ Herald journos need some upskilling....anyone know if that was a PG pilot or Kiter that crashed?

NZ Team wins in Canungra

18 keen NZ competition pilots competed in the recent Canungra Cup in Australia which was also Round 1 for the NZ Nationals. With all the top Australian pilots there, our Wings & Waves Team on Gin Gliders won the Team trophy: Grant Middendorf, Evan Lamberton, Reuben Muir, Eva Walton and Derek Divers. Evan, Reuben and Eva are Auckland pilots, Derek and Middy are ex-AKL, now in Wanaka. More info and photos on

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