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Hang Gliding Competitions


The Karioitahi Ridge Race will be held on Saturday June 13 (reserve Sunday 14th).


Please download waypoints before coming to comp. The files have been uploaded to the waypoints page on the NZHGPA website. There are two choices for waypoints GPX and  WPT 


 Please email John Burton to let him know if you are intending to enter. See below for email address


Paragliding Competitions

You need to fly with a helmet, current WOF, back protection (for PG), UHF radio, reserve chute, altimeter and a GPS (read the GPS files below) for flight scoring. The Auckland/Waikato PG comps only require PG2 but let the comp director know if you are new to thermal flying. There will be experienced pilots available to help you out with site briefings and general guidance.



The waypoints for the competition have be predefined and you can download the files below. You are strongly encouraged to install the waypoints into your GPS before the first day of the competition because it will save a great deal of time and confusion on the day. Please  download  a waypoint file from below, and use the instructions given below to install the waypoints in your GPS.

GPS in Competitions

All competitions now use 3D GPS tracks for flight verification so if you want to enter a comp you have to have one and you better know how to use it. 3D means the GPS records height data in the track log. Make sure yours does.

You should know how to:

  • Add a waypoint by hand.

  • Define a route and activate it

  • Clear the track log and change track log settings.

  • Change the track sample rate

  • Change the interface mode.

How to use your GPS

There are two pages below with information that will help you to get the most out of your GPS whether you are flying in competitions or cross country.



The rules for all New Zealand paragliding competitions are defined by the NZHGPA Paragliding Competition Committee.

A copy of the official NZ Paragliding Competition Rules can be found on the NZHGPA web site.



Competitions are a fun and safe way to improve your flying skills, meet other pilots, explore new sites and get in to cross country flying. There are a variety of competitions available to you, from the informal Site Explorer to the competitive PG Open and HG Cross-Country Champs. The Site Explorer, PG Cross-Country Championships and HG Online Contest are on-going competitions that span the season while the Regional Competitions, PG Open and HG Cross-Country Champs are scheduled events.

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