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How to thermal with others

What is the best way to find a thermal?

Answer. Go where you can see other gliders climbing.

Having other gliders flying the same direction you are is the easiest and surest way of covering big distances quickly. But you do need to know how to make it work for you rather than being a scary disaster. So if you haven't flown in competitions before have a look at the "thermalling rules". Just go to the competitions page and download the attachment.

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CCC - Club Competition Contact?

Is there any chance of a Club based competition within the next few weeks (before the NZPG Open Round 2)?

I could do with the practice, as I seem to do more flying during a comp than by myself. (Must be the collective experience).

Plus it may give those new to comps the chance to iron out those equipment hassles and calm those nerves that can distract you when it really counts.

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New Zealand Paragliding Open Round 2 - Rotorua


Here is link to North Island Comp of the season





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Nelson Open 2nd Jan 2010 to 9th Jan 2010

Nelson Open 2nd Jan 2010 to 9th Jan 2010

There is a group of us going down for the comp.

We are looking at renting a van and some accommodation.

We need a few others to make up numbers.

Let me know asap if you wish to join in contact nick on the “contacts page” 

New PG comp rules

The changes are all the red bits in here

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