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Sorry for posting this in the general discussion forum - the airpsace forum doesn't seem to have been touched for a bit


anyway I can't seem to use the new site for the airspace project?  it never finishes loading.  I've used a range of browsers (firefox / explorer / chrome etc)


Attached image is what I see when I try to the load the page - never stops loading and you can't download anything





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Anyone interested in a new inland site?, NE facing take off, possible top landing, 600 ft AMSL AND close to Akld?

Get on Google Earth, type in Gregory Road Waitakere Auckland. Go to the last house on the road......... look NE from street view. Nice bowl with bowls either side linking into a nice ridge with thermals generated out front fairly regularly according to a source who also has a nice paddock for landings.

Owners contracters have just finished a logging operation and the owner has the land on the market. Anyone know the Haines house haulage family?. They own the land and with some TLC could open up the gate to a great new site.


Mangawhai Site

In yet another grey moment, I left my garden spade behind after the working bee on Sunday.  All metal, orange with black handle, Probably left in one of the trailers; any ideas?  Stoney 021 295 7133.  

new site record

Congratulations     Rick .... After probably 30 years of being a hangy he has  been turned ito a panty... .Posted a new paragliding site record  from Mt Misery Waihi to Tuakau on Sunday 2nd February...Site record of 82 kms.  3hours 40 in the air . Search and Rescue were on standby because he was lost from radio and pick ups. While the national paragliding champs were on, he fine tuned his HG thermalling skills, clocking in a 110 km from Kaimais to Waikawau Bay ( Thames Coast ), a 73 and a 66 km on his hang glider.

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Kennedy Park Take Off Gate

With Kennedy Park becoming a popular spot for newer pilots to explore please take into consideration the closing of the Gate after take-off.  The North Shore Council kindly allowed us the access gate with the understanding that after take offs the gate would be closed directly due to Public Safety Concerns, ( access to Cliff edge ).   If you are there on your own please try to take off without opening the gate either in front or behind the gate.

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Airspace review


We have submitted, on behalf of the AHGPC, a request to permanently raise airspace ceiling to 4500ft around Moirs Hill as shown on attached map. I’ll keep you posted how it goes.


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Evan pulls out 50.7km from Moirs

Congratulations Evan, looks like a new PG record from Moirs. Fantastic flight.

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New Waypoint files for Auckland!

Hi Folks,


Sorry for the cross post but this is quite important... we have updated the competition waypoint files.

So, if you are coming to the upcoming Auckland regional comp then you will need to re-download.


For full details please see my post on the Competition forum, or the Comp page on our Google+ feed:



Safe flying.




Muriwai to Kario

This flight has been talked about for years...

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Beyond Murawai

Not long before dark last night (it was averaging around 25 knots prior), in an 18 to 20 knot wsw John Burnett flew from the Maori Bay carpark across the Bethells gap but didn't progress any further due to impending darkness. At the very north end of Bethells he had 2000' was well out in front on a topless hang glider with full VG on and made the 4km cross wind glide easily. Given a bit more light I suspect the run to Karekare and back was very much on.

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