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The Winged Warrior

The Winged Warrior is currently resident at Jeff Ripley's house as a result of his 2011 first time paraglider crossing of the Brynderwyns. He is the first paraglider pilot to have the Warrior on the mantel piece in the trophies 32 year history (see attachments below). Others have commented regarding his uncanny likeness to the Warrior.


The rules of the game are as follows:

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With a lighter version of todays wind in mind, a paraglider flight requiring some effort but perhaps worth the bother, Karekare to Muriwai in a S to SSW wind. 17km of outstanding coastline punctuated by a series of windward facing rocky outcrops linked with bite sized downwind glides. This flight was done back in 1983 on early double surface hang gliders (Vampire 185) with perhaps better performance than a modern paraglider but if so not by much.

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I had a brief chat with the owners of the new house by Janies t/o, Andy and Mina, with respect to maintaining access to the ramp. They are aware of the easement between the two houses allowing access to the reserve land, but pointed out that people have been going through their property to get to the ramp, which they preferred didn't happen.


Here's a timely reminder of what can happen if you get caught busting airspace. In NZ it would be CAA investigating not your friends at NZHGPA.

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Poutu to the Bluff

Dave Austin, Geoff Christophers (Tauranga pilot) and myself made the Friday night trip north based on an early Saturday morning Windfinder forecast of 11 knots gusts 15, square in and a clear rain forecast. The wind, possibly slightly shy of 10knots, on the 150ft high Te Maire takeoff was perhaps a little lighter than I would have requested but would have been perfect for paralysers.

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Barnicoat ( Nelson Club Site) Update

Hi Robo , (Hamish passed your email on to me)

Hope you are well.
The information you have received that we have lost Barnicoat because the Air Traffic Controller does not like paragliders is an Untrue Rumour and discourteous to Air Traffic Control who have kept us flying while they work through the new airspace changes for Nelson Airspace.
It is for sure a very complex and delicate situation, but one that the club is working through, we have a good relationship with Air Traffic Control, but
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Dargavill Straightline

Dargaville Straightline: Here's a vid from a Glinks > S > Omamari last Saturday when it was blown out for the hg's at the Kaimais League. They did get a day in at the Paeroas on the Sunday though.



Here's a vid from a Glinks > S > Omamari last Saturday when it was blown out for the hg's at the Kaimais League. They did get a day in at the Paeroas on the Sunday though.


You may have all got an email today advertising a survey regarding future NZHGPA publication. 


The "background info" sent out is quite unbalanced, quoting pro Airborn arguments, whether they have any fact in them or not.

So far, reading the discussions re Airborn on the NZHGPA forum, I got the impression that the opinions are very regional. A bunch of very vocal South Island pilots are obvious strictly pro printed mag, Auckland has enjoyed the club web site's benefits and is pro-online.

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Could be Dills this week-end.

Does anyone know if Lambing has finished?

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Moirs Monday 24th

Foercast looks good for a Moir's Monday.


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