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Muriwai - Janies Launch



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Miracle in the Storm


We all know what happened, this is a nice documentary, just putting here the link to first part there are 7 parts in total watch all of them:



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Forecast vs Reality

I thought it would be interesting to compare the RASP Boundary Layer Cloud Cover for Monday 8/11/10, with the actual Satelitte photo for around about the same time.

A remarkable similarity? Particularly the cloud bank sitting above the East Coast, and the large area over Northland. (Even the same indentation where Hokianga Harbour is.

RASP Forecast: Boundary Layer Cloud Cover

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Addressing concerns raised at the SGM about the AHGPC registering as a charitable entity with the Charities Commission

At the SGM held on the 30th of June, there was some confusion over what the AHGPC was seeking to become.

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Musick Point

Anyone flown Musick Point in a NE ?, would love to hear your experiences...landing options ? (not in the sea !), how soarable is the ridge ?, any ideas or advice would be welcomed...

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HG mentoring: what does it entail? why do it? what are the benefits?

Hello All,

The Committee is discussing pilot mentoring. Sounds great! But what does hang glider pilot mentoring actually mean?

  • How does it start?
  • What are the responsibilities of the mentor?
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Basic operation of a Brauniger IQ Compeo +

Can anyone walk me through the basic steps in using a Brauniger IQ Compeo+ ? I have managed to borrow one for the National HG comp at the Paeroas.

The 62-page user manual is detailed but not very user friendly -- a bit like having to read a veterinary textbook on canine anatomy when what you really want to know is how often to take Fido for a walk.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



John Burton

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Craig Payne's Live PG Weather Site

Former Auckland pilot, Craig Payne (now resident in Germany) has created a PG weather page - 


What the site does is collect site data from and applies live weather data to it, and displays it on Google Earth.  It is global, but the useful Auckland sites are shown (Moirs, Dills, Maioro, Muriwai, Pukemore, Kaimais and Paeroas).  Obvious omissions are Te Mata Peak, Coronet, anything in Nelson or Wellington etc.  But it is still very useful.


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Hoteo North


You might like to recce this little hill SW of Wellsford in your travels.

Its only 242m ASL and abput 160 ATD (above the deck), then Dills is someting like 210m ASL and about the same ATD.

It probably would take a Northerly but there is also the possibility of a SE-E. Trees on the face may be a problem.

Another problem is heading South and all the "glass ceilings" we can't fly through, but it gives you an extra 12 km or so if heading the same way from Dills.

I've seen nice clouds forming above it on many occasions.

New PG comps format for comment

The PCC have posted a proposal for a new pg comp format for next season. This will affect our comps, especially the proposal to run two 7 day FAI Cat2 comps each season ( one in each Island with the option of an Australian one).  Please read this  .

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