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Free Wills Wing Hangglider

Hi All,
I've been contacted by Roger Hill. I'm relaying the following message for him:

"I’ve got a Wills Wing Spectrum 165, circa mid-90’s, been in storage for many years, still in pristine condition, maybe 200 hrs (? Can’t remember), last flown ~2001. It’s been stored in a 12” irrigation tube (with end-caps) all this time and so like new, or at least great given the hours, never crash landed. It’s an easy glider to fly. Great for a trainer or someone that likes easy flying.  It’s blue, pink and white, a lovely novice glider.

Beginner Glider

Looking for a beginner single surface glider, preferably something smaller than a 170.
Let me know if you have something which you are wanting to sell.

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Litespeed S4 $3k

My S4 could be for sale. $3000. As anyone will know I haven't put a lot of hours on it, and none at all this summer as I was away in Scotland for most of it.

The sail is still in excellent condition - no discolouration or delamination. The side wires have about 10 hours on them and new front wires are on the way. I bought a new Moyes bag for it about two years ago and that's still immaculate.


Intermediate HG wing wanted!

Hi All,

Looking for an intermediate HG wing, preferrably something like WW Sport 2. I'm 90+ kg, HG size 165-180. Flick me a message if you have something that you'd wanna sell. Cheers.

WW Sport2 175 For sale

In great condition,less then 80hrs, any question call me 021 2243044

Wills Wing U2160

 Intermediate Hang glider wing in excellent condition, Dacron sail, Hydranet trailing edge

Recent WOF , really nice wing to fly - great handling and good performance for a king-posted glider, she's  trimmed perfectly, sail is nice and tight, well looked after - no hard landings. It's been used for mosquito-powered and free flight. One owner ,  flown approx 150 hrs since purchased new in 2012.


Ph Sean 027 670 8301


Hang gliding gear for sale

I havn't flown in years so the gear needs to go.  I have available for sale:

Sport 2 - tear in sail

Airbore fun 190 skyfloater

Hang glider power harness (2 stroke, folding prop.)

Old open harness.

Parachute (purchased new and never used)



If interested in any of these items please call Julian on (021) 280 2621 or (09) 406 7737

Wanted- Intermediate wing

Looking for an intermediate wing, ideally something like a Sting 154/Sport 2/ U2 flick me a message if you have anything sitting around that youd like to sell.



Wanted old harness suitable for ground handling 

 021 1100203


Wanted old harness suitable for ground handling 

 021 1100203

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