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Issues relating to site safety and access.


Notice from Waikato club that Kaimais launch is closed for lambing until further notice.

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Paeroas - Important - please call bombout land owner before using

Hi Folks,

We just had a great weekend flying at the Paeroas but we did annoy one of the land owners.


I have massively smoothed things over with Sheryll and Steve (the owners of the farm where the traditional PG bomby is) and they are now very happy. I have sent them some wine.

In the future, though, they want us to let them know in advance if we will be "using" the bombout.

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Bleakhouse Road, Mellons Bay



I came across this Youtube clip.


Looks like a nice site. I wonder how often this site is flown?

Maybe we should make it an 'official' club site, with its own site description and agreement with council?



BOP Ohope site access

Dunno how many are down this way from the big smoke, flying ohope, but this seems to be the place to post these notices.

There have been problems of the general public arbitrarily wandering around this site.  Not of our doing, I know, but we have to manage it somewhat, or lose the site.


Yesterday, I met Bruce Vickerman at the training hill at Pukemore. He told me that the owner of the land we drive through to get to the top take off, and the "airstrip" part, has been a bit tense about the use of his land. 

Pukemore Sign: signPukemore Sign: sign

Kennedy Park

A big 'Thank You' to whoever took the time to mow the Kennedy Park take off - much appreciated.

Tony S

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Can someone please advise what the current status of Pakiri is?

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South Piha

I've been up to what used to be a hg launch there 10 or so years ago.

It's overgrown now, waist deep in gorse and natives. There's a bench that I believe council workers keep the scrub short to preserve the view. Is there anyone at ARC we could informally sound out to find out if there's any chance of us clearing out a larger launch and rigging area again?

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